A Trip To Los Angeles

Hello again! I am writing from Los Angeles, California. The second that I stepped off of the airplane at LAX, I knew that I was in a completely different atmosphere. Palm trees were swaying and the sun was shining as people scurried throughout the city. Los Angeles is the place where a lot of people travel to in order to pursue their dreams and being in this type of environment is refreshing. Inspiration is everywhere you turn!

My first destination was the Getty Center where gardens meet paintings in order to create amazing art exhibits. I must say the Van Gogh and Monet exhibit was my favorite! I traveled to the Griffith Observatory where my breath was taken away as I overlooked the entire city of Los Angeles. It is quite a sight to see…especially at sunset! From there I managed to stumble upon the California Science Center where I laid eyes upon the Space Shuttle Endeavor and experienced the IMAX sensation of “Journey to Space.” I also found the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit fascinating. The other museum I visited was the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art. My favorite part of this museum was seeing the exhibit, “Urban Light,” created by Chris Burden.

Multiple rows of varied light posts allow the mind to have a unique visual experience. It is gorgeous at night!

Although LA has multiple museums filled with information and art, I wanted to continue my journey with an outdoor adventure. That mindset brought me to Runyon Canyon Park. I decided to hike one of the park trails and thank god I brought a water bottle. The sun was beaming down on me the entire time, but after I reached the top I realized that the view was worth the hike! After the hike I jumped in my Jeep rental and cruised down the highway. It was almost surreal to lay eyes upon the famous Hollywood sign and stare at the mountainous hills. The California vibe is definitely laid back but LA offers the full package.

On the third day I decided to visit Universal Studios! Universal Studios was such a fun attraction park to visit, but unfortunately, I visited during the busiest time of the year, summer. I was able to ride rollercoasters and witness the “behind the scenes” creation of movies such as “The Grinch” and “Hell Boy.” Seeing the stages where television shows like “The Voice” are filmed was awesome! After a full day at Universal, I was wiped out. I decided to head to Santa Monica Bay to relax. The water washed upon the shore and the seagulls flew into the sunset. I heard smooth jazz coming from the pier and although the night seemed to come to an end I knew that it was just beginning for those who were ready to spend a night on the town. After the beach, I transitioned to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Looking down upon the names of thousands of celebrities who truly “made it” on the West coast was quite an experience. LA is full of life, adventure, and excitement. I can’t wait to come back!

Leaving L.A. tomorrow and headed out to Vegas.  SO EXCITED.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it, but I will give you a little preview snippet…  I have already booked a limo company in Las Vegas for a tour of the Strip!  So EXCITED!

My Experience in Denver

Hello again! I’m writing from the one…the only…Denver, Colorado! Flying into the Denver airport was a blast. The top of the airport is shaped like a circus tent! My first stop was the Denver Zoo. Lions, tigers, and bears…Oh my! It was a beautiful sunny day and monkeys were climbing the trees as birds soared throughout the sky. I quickly transitioned to the Denver Art Museum where I saw multiple paintings displaying impressionism, realism, and pointillism. Soon after I left the museum, I went to Mount Evans. Mount Evans is the tallest road in America and the view is gorgeous. The Rocky Mountains were snow capped and the tall cumulus clouds towered above. It looked as if it was a painting.

Then I decided to go to the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum. I managed to catch a few glimpses of the B-18A Bolo and multiple spacecraft-What a rush! I traveled downtown to the Denver Aquarium where I saw dozens of jellyfish, sharks, seahorses, crabs, octopuses, eels, and more! It’s always fun to lock eyes with sea creatures and interact on the other side of the tank. Children were running around the aquarium, excited to discover different types of sea life. After walking through museums all day, I wanted to have a more active experience. I decided to embrace my inner Lance Armstrong and bike up the Cherry Creek bike path. The bike path consists of 85 miles of paved pathways that overlook beautiful gardens and red rock formations. Although biking was exciting, Denver offers an opportunity to experience super high speeds with the Oxotic Supercar Driving Experience. I was able to zip around the open road with a Porsche 911 Turbo for twenty miles. Driving in a supercar was exhilarating and there’s no other word to describe it than shear freedom!

I was also able to attend a performance at the Colorado Ballet. Elegant dancers floated across the stage and music radiated throughout the theatre. They shared a magnificent interpretation of Swan Lake. It was truly tear jerking. One of the best parts of the ballet is getting dressed up to attend the event. After that night, I wanted to attend a less formal event so I decided to head over to the United States mint. The U.S. mint is a busy place, indeed! It’s fun to tour the facilities and gaze as thousands of coins are made that will distributed all around the world. I ended my adventure with the Denver Brews Cruise. The Denver Brews Cruise exposes you to hundreds of different types of beer within the heart of downtown Denver. There are about 100 craft breweries to choose from and it was definitely a great way to spend a night with friends!

Denver has so much to choose from. This city is unlike any other that I’ve visited. The mysterious flat landscape with mountains in the distance sparks a sense of adventure and exploration. It’s a city full of history and character.

The Mile High City is one of a kind. Until next time, Denver!

Kicking it Off…

Hey there friends.  Like I told you all in the email that I sent out, this is going to be a blog of my travels thru different cities in the American West.  I look forward to my experiences, and I hope that you look forward to reading about what I experience!  I have already had a tremendous time in Denver.  I meant to get this started before I left, but, oh well!  I will fill you in on my time in Denver here in a moment, but let it suffice to say that I am excited that I will be coming back here in a few weeks to take in more sights and cities!

Looking forward to connecting with you after my journeys.  Blessings!