A Trip To Las Vegas

When I first embarked on my journey to Vegas, I wasn’t quite sure what was in store for me. Everyone hears about how crazy the nightlife is, exciting casino trips, and gorgeous resorts. Las Vegas ended up exceeding my expectations. After arriving at McCarran (sp?), I had already booked my Vegas limo service from airport to hotel, which was amazing.  Sipped a Margarita to the hotel and didn’t have to worry about a thing…awesome.  My trip first began as I checked into Paris Las Vegas. I immediately knew that I was about to have an amazing trip when the room was full of marble and had its own Jacuzzi…I mean have you ever had a Jacuzzi in the middle of your hotel room? Because the sun was shining and it was about ninety degrees outside, I immediately hit the pool. Paris Las Vegas’ pool was full of young and exciting faces and poolside drinks were served every minute of the day. Volleyball competitions were often held in the shallow pool, while others sipped on their margaritas and floated on rafts.

Pool at Las Vegas Paris

As the day quickly rolled by, it was time to transition to the Las Vegas strip. Casinos and resorts line this area of Vegas and it is often where the most action happens. As I entered the casino, money was flying everywhere as peopled gambled with the hopes that they would win the jackpot. Fortunately, I won $500.00 in the slot machines!

The next day I discovered a fantastic Italian restaurant, which was called Carbone Italian Restaurant. I had the perfect dish of chicken alfredo and their merlot was exquisite. It was that night when I decided to explore Caesar’s Palace. I managed to see Celine Dion in concert and it was epic! The next night I went back to Caesar’s Palace and enjoyed Cirque Du Solei’s Mystere show from the second row. Half way through the performance, I was called up on stage by an acrobat and had to hold a candle for a skit…it was quite the experience!

I was able to visit the Luxor hotel the day after my Caesar’s Palace experience and it was amazing. I saw Blue Man Group live in concert and had tender steak dinner. The inside of the Luxor is full of Egyptian-styled décor and it is simply impressive. I heard that all of the high rollers stay at the Luxor! Besides the Luxor, I also stopped by the New-York New-York Hotel and Casino. This place had its own rollercoaster, which raced inside and outside of the structure itself! One of the best parts about Vegas was the shopping. The streets are filled with high-end designers from Chanel to Fendi. Another exciting show that is famous in Vegas is the pirate show, which is put on by the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. Women sing and dance as actors and actresses are thrown overboard into the water below. Las Vegas is definitely a city that gives you the perfect recipe to have some of the craziest nights in your life. After all…What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!